Learn the Lingo

There are many acronyms and terms used in the processes of the industry, some of which have more than one meaning depending on where it comes from.  The attempt here is to provide as many acronyms and definitions as possible, whether or not they are used on this website.

  1.   ADEQ – Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.  The water division of this organization typically issues a permit for construction or ground breaking activities.  A SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) must be in place in most cases to prevent storm water runoff into lakes, streams, storm water systems, etc.
  2.  BA – Biological Assessment usually meaning a process performed by the USFWS.
  3.  BMP – Best Management Practices, a plan to spread litter, which is a recommendation only.  There is no monitoring provided to insure compliance.
  4.  Draft EA – Draft Environmental Assessment
  5.  CAFO – Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, defined by the EPA as an Animal Feeding Operation (AFO) that (a) confines animals for more than 45 days out of the year  (b) in an area that does not produce vegetation (c) and meets certain size thresholds.
  6.   CNMP – Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan.  It is a means a documented record of how nutrients will be managed on a nutrient management unit and is prepared in accordance with United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service conservation practice standards for Arkansas to guide and assist landowners and operators in the use of fertilizers, litter, sewage sludges, compost and other nutrient sources for soil fertility and protection of the waters within the state. This is a suggestion in counties that are not in the “Nutrient Surplus” areas of the state and therefore does not have to be followed.
  7.   EA – Environmental Assessment
  8.   EIS – Environmental Impact Statement – A much more detailed study of the environmental impacts by a project or projects including but not limited to cumulative facilities in the general area and how they combine to affect the environment.
  9.  FONSI – Finding of No Significant Impact
  10.  FWS – See USFWS
  11.   Integrator – PECO, Tyson, OMP (Ozark Mountain Poultry), etc. Agribusinesses that contract with the Producers (farmers) to raise their chickens.  The integrator may own most every aspect of the process, including the brooder farms, the production of feed, the trucking of birds and feed to the Producers, inspectors and veterinarians to care for the birds, the packing houses to process the birds, etc.
  12.   NOA  – Notice of Availability, typically refers to a legal posting in the local newspaper of a Draft EA being or FONSI announcing that documents are available for review and available for public comment.
  13.   NECM – National Environmental Compliance Manager
  14.   NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act
  15.   Nutrient surplus area – means a defined geographic area, declared by Ark. Code Ann. § 15-20-1104 and described more specifically in Subtitle II of these Rules, which has been determined to be an area in which the soil concentration of one or more nutrients is so high or the physical characteristics of the soil or area is such that continued application of the nutrient to the soil could negatively impact soil fertility and the waters within the state.
  16. NHPA- National Historic Preservation Act
  17.   NOI – Notice of Intent
  18.  NPEDS – National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.
  19.  Producers – The farmers that contracts with the Integrator to raise the chicks to pullets. Each batch of chicks requires a new contract.  Included costs to the producers is the construction cost of the buildings and all that goes into them, provide water, heat, air flow to the houses and cost of electricity or propane for emergency generation and heat, provide maintenance on lighting, water systems, feeding systems, removal of dead birds and disposal of them, cleaning and maintaining litter and cleaning out of the buildings including the tools and equipment to do so.  Either selling or spreading litter on Producers property.
  20.  SBA – Small Business Administration
  21.  SEC – State Environmental Coordinator
  22.  SWPPP – Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, a permit issued by the ADEQ.
  23. THPO – Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
  24.  USFWS – United States Fish and Wildlife Service