Poultry Farmers Speak Out

Under Contract World Premiere

This documentary is being released February 1, 2017 and is free to the public.  Registration is required for access to the premiere.  The link above will take you to the website.

Under Contract World Premiere

Tell the USDA to Stand Up to Corporate Agribusiness and Ensure Fairness for Farmers with Rural Advancement Foundation International

Cock Fight: Meet the Farmer Who's Blowing the Whistle on Big Chicken

View the full documentary from Fusion here.
The Sharecroppers
A short documentary about the struggles of America's chicken farmers by Jonathan Shepard


Food, Inc. - Industrial Chicken Farmers
A clip from Food, Inc. in which small southern farmers are beholden to large corporate chicken producers.

Life Under Contract: Poultry Farming In Arkansas by Farm Aid

Read about the Crutchfields who were forced into bankruptcy after years of contracting with Tyson.
The Serfs of Arkansas by Monica Potts (The American Prospect, 2011)