CAFOs: Threats to Our Health & Resources

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are spreading across our nation, replacing traditional family farms with industrial animal factories. Below are some resources and studies that describe how these operations are compromising our health, our resources, and our quality of life.

(this list is being added to)

Understanding Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Their Impacts on Communities (Center for Disease Control)

Factory Farm Nation (Food and Water Watch)

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Proximate Property Values (John A. Kilpatrick)

The Meatrix (GRACE)

America’s Next Top Polluter Company Profile: Tyson Foods, Inc. (Environment America)

Behind Closed Doors – The Vulnerability of Big Meat (The Cornucopia Institute)

Abusing Chickens We Eat (Nicholas Kristof, New York Times)

Exposing the Rural Health Fallacies of CAFOs (Dr. John Ikerd)